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Dog food is tasty!

I can’t escape… I have committed myself publicly. Here’s Peter Sefton:  Crossing curation mountain I’m looking forward to seeing Peter Murray Rust eat my dog food. He’s lucky cos at our place the hounds eat relatively benign dry food. […] … Continue reading

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I have to eat Peter Sefton's dogfood

I have moaned publicly about how difficult I find it to author technical chunks of material in my blog (maths, computer code, chemistry). Yesterday I responded to Peter Sefton’s post about his editor ICE by saying it was a Good … Continue reading

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COST D37 Meeting in Rome

Tomorrow Andrew Walkingshaw and I will be off to Rome for the COST D37 Working Group. From the site: What is COST? COST is one of the longest-running instruments supporting co-operation among scientists and researchers across Europe. COST now has … Continue reading

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Experiment and Calculation in WWMM-NMR. Open Notebook Science

Antony guessed the graph – regular readers will recognise the context of previous posts. We are starting an Open Notebook project to determine whether theoretical calculations and experimental observations agree – or rather within what limits. (Earlier this year I … Continue reading

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OPSIN/OSCAR: you + us = we; please help

I’m exploring how you and we may be able to work to improve OSCAR and OPSIN. Even if you aren’t interested in chemical names, you may find the general principles useful. One of the drawbacks of full Open Source and … Continue reading

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Thank you JCB for Free XML

From Peter Suber’s blog TA journal deposits its new articles in PMC after six months 17:26 04/10/2007, Peter Suber, Open Access News Emma Hill, JCB content automatically deposited in PubMed Central (PMC), Journal of Cell Biology, October 1, 2007. An … Continue reading

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change because old scientists die

Tobias Kind has asked (Comment to Nature Protocols: How much can we re-use?) why shouldn’t require chemists to submit data… Hi Peter, making chemistry data machine-readable is not the business of the publisher! It’s the business of the chemists themselves … Continue reading

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AHM2007: Best paper (Jon Blower) – Virtual globes Hurricanes and penguins

Jon Blower was awarded the best paper at AHM2007 . This is an an outstanding example of escience where SIMPLE technology is brought to bear on multiple datasets, each of which by themselves does not carry a message but the … Continue reading

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Webcast: the power of the eThesis

I am very grateful to Caltech, specially Eric van der Velde, for organising and recording my presentation on eTheses at Caltech last month. See The power of the Scientific eThesis, a combined audio, video and screenshow. Caltech have done a … Continue reading

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Chemistry in MathML and CML – comments?

[warning – WordPress is not very math/chem friendly so forgive formatting] Michael Kohlhase and I are trying to come up with a synthesis of MathML and CML for representing the numerical aspects fo chemistry. By chance we have started with … Continue reading

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