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MathML and CML communities

I was delighted to meet old friends from the MathML/OpenMath community last week at Mathematical Knowledge Management 2007 - Patrick Ion, Robert Miner, James Davenport and Michael Kohlhase (apologies to any I have omitted). OpenMath (1993) was one of the … Continue reading

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Useful chemistry thesis in RDF

I shall be using Alicia’s Open Science Thesis in Useful Chemistry as a technical demonstrator at ETD2007. I really want to show how a born digital thesis is a qualitative step forward. Completely new techniques can be used to structure, … Continue reading

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Bioclipse and the Information Revolution

I have been honoured to have been asked to talk at the 07.05.23 Embrace Workshop on Bioclipse 2007 (EWB 07), BMC, Uppsala ... meeting next week in Sweden. This post explains why Bioclipse is so important (it goes beyond bio/chem) … Continue reading

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Alf Eaton and Gavin Bell (Nature) out together a lively BOF this evening on scientific publishing. They presented many of the key components - XML, persistent identifiers, ontologies, etc. Nice to see credit being given to PLoS for its pioneering … Continue reading

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XTech2007 - XForms - do I need them?

Now in XTech2007 - arrived in time for the afternoon session of XForms by Steve Pemberton. XForms allow you to pass XML into/out of forms rather than relying on HTML. In includes things like validation - if you tell it … Continue reading

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WWW2007 postscript

I am delighted that I had the chance to go to WWW2007 - at one stage I'd wondered whether there would be anything of interest other than the session I was in (Open Data). Or that I would know anyone... … Continue reading

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What's in a namespaceURI?

On more than one occasion we had heated debates about whether a namespaceURI may/must be resolvable. In the session on linked Data TimBL made it clear that he thought that all namespaceURIs must be resolvable. This conflicted with my memory … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 and/or Semantic Web

Web 2.0 and Semantic Web are sometimes used synonymously, sometimes distinct. I've come in halfway through a presentation (missed speaker's name) and taken away: Web 2.0 blogging AJAX small-scale mashups proprietary APIs niche vocabularies screenscraping whereas Semantic Web is large-scale … Continue reading

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Parsing Microformats (revised post)

Useful presentation online (in S5) from Ryan King (of Technorati) on parsing microfomats. (I’ve been out of touch with HTML4 and I’m learning things.) We’ll need a day or two of virtual Blue Obelisk discussion to make sure we are … Continue reading

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ICD-10 - past and present

I am really excited and pleased by Peter Suber's latest post. WHO converts a disease database to a wiki. WHO adopts Wikipedia approach for key update, CBC News, May 2, 2007. Excerpt: If the collaborative wiki process works for compiling … Continue reading

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