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#ami2 #opencontentmining An intelligent reader of the PDF STM literature. We achieve the first phase: (alpha) PDF2SVG

In a previous post I outlined the architecture for building a (weakly) intelligent scientific amanuensis, AMI2. (/pmr/2012/10/20/opencontentmining-the-ami2-project-for-understanding-the-scientific-literature-and-why-i-love-pdf/ ) We have made a lot of progress since then, mainly in formalizing, refactoring, documenting, clearing our thoughts. (Refactoring is a computing chore, … Continue reading

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Open Access: What is it and what does “Open” mean

This is the start of “Open Access Week” and I am urged (including by myself) to write something for it. The OKF is contributing something and I hope that in writing this blog there is something suitable. I’m going … Continue reading

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#opencontentmining The #ami2 project for understanding the scientific literature and why I “love” PDF

Earlier this week I blogged about our new Open project #AMI2 /pmr/2012/10/15/opencontentmining-starting-a-community-project-and-introducing-ami2/ . This is an Open community project to create a complete infrastructure for machine understandability of the scientific literature. That’s a bold statement, especially for something with no … Continue reading

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#opencontentmining Starting a community project and introducing #AMI2

This is the first post in (hopefully) a regular series on the development of Open Content Mining in scholarly articles (mainly STM = Science Technical Medical). It’s also a call for anyone interested to join up as a community. This … Continue reading

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Update: I am off to CSIRO(AU), eResearch2012, Open Content Mining, AMI2, PDF hacking etc.

I haven’t blogged for some time because I have been busy elsewhere – going to #okfest, #odlc (Open Data La conference in Paris) and preparing for a significant stay (~ 3months) with CSIRO in Clayton (Melbourne, AU). I’m in AU … Continue reading

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