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#openaccess; Let’s get rid of “Green” “Gold” and use precise language such as “CC-BY”. And be joyous.

Cameron Neylon has written a compelling article and why we should get rid of "Green" "Gold" "Open Access" as meaningful labels. Because they no longer mean anything. They are as useful as "healthy" in a burger advertisement. I'm not … Continue reading

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#openaccess Can I use Wiley’s “Open Access” for teaching? NO

Wiley has an "Open Access" offering. I couldn't find papers any so I tweeted and got: "gold padlocks" and "purple padlocks". "free" and "open". Words and images that can mean anything. No idea whether it's usable for teaching. Another tweet: … Continue reading

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#scholrev: Strategy and decentralisation

I have already suggested our #scholrev should be decentralized (,, ) – now I'll say why and suggest how we proceed. Those of us in #scholrev are disillusioned enough that we want to do something different. Perhaps … Continue reading

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A scholarly rather sick Puzzle

What's this? It's topical. It's 20% of a page. It is possible to answer this from the information given. Why is 20% important? And why am I angry? Answer tomorrow.

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#scholrev: #BTPDF2, FORCE11, Current position and ways forward

I'm blogging some of my ideas about the Scholarly Revolution (#scholrev) and how it should proceed. I've already said I think it should be decentralised and I'll explain what that means and why. I'm going to concentrate on the underlying … Continue reading

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#scholrev: Decentralized Open infrastructure: an example from The Blue Obelisk

I have suggested that the Scholarly Revolution should be decentralized and communicating and this post gives an example of why and how. "Decentralized" means that no one person or subgroup is critical to its operation and more importantly its continued … Continue reading

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URGENT: Blogs could be banned in UK

The Open Rights Group has unearthed an appalling proposed restriction on bloggers like me. In essence regulation of the press will be extended to bloggers. Unless I get a licence I will be closed down. (I know some people would … Continue reading

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#scholrev: Revolutionising Scholarship: HackYourPhD and shape and practice of the #scholrev community

Following our determination to create new ways of scholarship for the benefit of the world ( ) let's explore possible approaches. I stress that this is NOT PMR directing where to go, but giving a possible lead. This sort of … Continue reading

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#scholrev; Why are we doing this and immediate thoughts on how to proceed

We have all been delighted with the immediate reaction and offers of help for the Scholarly Revolution . We chose the word "revolution" in a neutral sense – this can be the Digital Scholarship revolution in the same sense … Continue reading

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#scholrev: Contribution from @openscience

Exciting comment on this blog: I've copied it whole as I want to keep discussion very active. I'll read in detail in the morning. In #scholrev there is no centre, certainly *I* am not running things. We couldn't possibly get … Continue reading

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