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Data validation in publications

Tony Williams’ comment to my post (Data validation and protcol validation – May 31st, 2007) has several valuable themes which I expand on here and in later posts. Tony and I are in agreement here and working towards something that … Continue reading

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Data validation and protcol validation

This post replies to an ongoing debate about the quality of data and Open vs Closed data and systems. It’s specifically about NMR (spectroscopy) but my points are general. Since I have been publicly critical of some systems I must … Continue reading

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Open Data in biomedical science

Heather (Research Remix) has a most important post on data sharing – she has analysed the data deposition policies of some of the major journals/publishers. Note that this is orthogonal to Open Access – not all these publishers are OA, … Continue reading

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Ola Spjuth of Bioclipse

From time to time people get presented with Blue Obelisks and the latest recipient is Ola Spjuth. Presentations – and the preparations for them – are rarely simple – they have included obelisk falling off the table on night of … Continue reading

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Ranking chemistry and blogosphere metrics

I’ve been pointed to ChemRank – a system that allows you to comment on and rank the chemical literature. I hadn’t seen this before and haven’t looked in depth, so I am only commenting on the idea and technology. (As … Continue reading

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The soul of the Blue Obelisk

There has been a discussion on the Blue Obelisk mailing list about whether we should move the mailing list to Google to attract the less geeky community. I drafted a contribution to this discussion and then felt it would be … Continue reading

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Remixing Open Data and the cost of not doing so

Welcome to a new blog (Research Remix)  from Heather Piwowar, currently doing her PhD in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Pittsburgh. Heather is encountering first-hand the difficulty of doing her research because of the problem of getting access to … Continue reading

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Bioclipse – Rich Client

I’m at the Bioclipse workshop in Uppsala – excellently run by Ola Spjuth and colleagues. Rich clients – where the client has significant functionality beyond the basic browser – are critical for the interchange of scientific information. A typical example … Continue reading

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Sued for 10 Data Points

Peter Suber has blogged about an important discussion on Wiley’s action is threatening legal action for reproducing a data graph from a publication. (there’s quite a bit to read if you follow the links but it’s worth it.) Also read … Continue reading

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Linked Open Data

This is one of the key issues for me at present:. Paul Miller (Talis) – who with his colleagues is constantly working towards a community license – writes (Linked Data the real Semantic Web ?): It has been interesting to … Continue reading

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