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What do we mean by open science?

There seems to be a critical mass of activity in the Open Science camp – possibly sparked off (or at least given amplification) by scifoo. Here is a very useful summary from Bill Hooker (Timo, invite Bill to scifoo next … Continue reading

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scifoo: Cameron Neylon on Open Notebook Science

More on Open Science from Jean-Claude Bradley. It’s sad to see how paper-driven we have become. It’s critical to publish, but I continually sense there is an increasing pressure of “I need a paper – what’s the most cost-effective way … Continue reading

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scifoo: academic publishing and what can computer scientists do?

Jim Hendler has summarised several scifoo sessions related to publishing and peer-review and added thoughts for the future (there’s mote to come).  It’s long, but I didn’t feel anything could be selectively deleted so I’ve left only the last para, … Continue reading

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Here’s Pimm (attilachordash) with a nice picture of the linkages in the scifoo tag cloud. SciFoo links visualized by TouchGraph Google Browser Posted by attilachordash on August 11th, 2007 The Google Hacks book from O’Reilly was one out of the free … Continue reading

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scifoo: images

This blog doesn’t have many pictures but these remind me of three sessions at scifoo with a chance to say a little more after the event. I shan’t (== can’t) identify everyone so feel free to annotate… Andrew Walkingshaw presenting … Continue reading

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blogging 101

Today I seem to be catching up with the continuing background radiation from scifoo and it’s a good way to wind down the jetlag. Here’s Richard Akerman again showing that we really went to scifoo. This learning session also was … Continue reading

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scifoo: data-driven science and storage

I managed to get out to a few sessions at scifoo not concerned with my immediate concerns, of which two were on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and Google’s abiility and willingness to manage scientific data. They come together because … Continue reading

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scifoo: Open Science

One of the themes at scifoo was “Open Science” or “Open Notebook Science” – the latter term coined by Jean-Claude Bradley. The idea that science is publicly recorded as it is done. The very first bottom-up session (i.e. Saturday morning) … Continue reading

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scifoo: young scientists and the culture of fear

On the last day, and as an inspiration from the previous sessions and the community atmosphere of the meeting, Andrew Walkingshaw and Alex Palazzo ran a session on the problems of being a postdoc under the pressure of having to … Continue reading

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scifoo: blogsession

As I’ve mentioned at scifoo the programme was evolved by the participants in a first-come first-accepted process whereby we signed up for free slots. It was hardly surprising that the blogosphere gained a slot and on Sunday we found a … Continue reading

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