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Does linking to technorati tags generate spam?

In a recent post (blogs, folksonomies and tagging – get going!) I encouraged the Open Access community to start using blogs and tagging. I specifically pointed to Technorati to illustrate the value and showed that some conferences had huge amounts … Continue reading

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blogs, folksonomies and tagging – get going!

At the recent “Berlin 5” meeting on Open Access I noted sadly that I was the only person blogging the meeting. Normally there are many bloggers at the meetings I go to so I (and everyone else) can choose what … Continue reading

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Stochastic hyperslide at MKM2007

I have just given my presentation at Mathematical Knowledge Management 2007 for which I wrote an abstract about 2-3 months ago : Mathematics and scientific markup. I knew that in the intervevning time I would find something new to get … Continue reading

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Ownership/Copyright of Comments and Email

David Goodman raises a question in response to this post: December 18th, 2006 at 11:33 pm e excerpted and adapted from my Dec 18 posting on the SPARC-OA list:As an example, relevant to this very posting, I quote from this … Continue reading

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Impact Factors! Hirsch, Erdős and Pauling

Having spent 2 hours tidying CML Schema over a flaky CVS connection to sourceforge, I need some relaxation. So, after my disillusionment with the accuracy of citation metrics, I was spooking around Wikipedia and came across the h-index ( suggested … Continue reading

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The most cited chemistry articles??

In my last post ( Assessed by Robots and citation Quiz) I argued that our careers are now in the hands of the publishing industry – they provide the numerical metrics and based on this the funders decide whether we … Continue reading

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5 Years of Open Babel

I’ve mentioned Geoff Hutchison and Open Babel here before in the context of the Blue Obelisk awards. Open Babel is an Open Source “universal adapter” (see below). So it’s nice to report his announcement of 5 Years of Open Babel … Continue reading

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(Chemical) Images in blogs

I am following up a post where I suggested we could provide a service for drawing molecules in blogs. One problem is how to incorporate them into the post. (I’m still working on this post, so don’t believe it all) … Continue reading

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Mystery Molecule and Jack Dunitz on Fluorine

Jack Dunitz (one of the greatest chemical crystallographers) visited our lab today. I had told people beforehand that I would ask him what the mystery molecule was and prophesied that he would get it immediately. He did. This gives me … Continue reading

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Blogs as scholarly record? Should we reposit them?

Blogs are increasingly becoming the grey literature of our time, and at least some may need preservation. I use this blog for many semi-reputable activities – an open notebook of thoughts – a means of presenting talks and snapshots of … Continue reading

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