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Chemical information on the web – typical problem

Here’s a typical problem with chemical (and other) data on the web and elsewhere. I illustrate it with an entry from Wikipedia, knowing that they’ll probably correct it and similar as soon as it’s pointed out. You don’t have to … Continue reading

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Mystery picture

What’s this picture? and why might I be interested in it? (It’s not the whole picture, so I claim fair use – I don’t know who the copyright holder is. And the clipped space hides a fairly vital clue). [UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Mystery Picture

Here is a photograph (untouched, not CGI). When I saw it I went wow! (I knew what it was). I’d be interested to know if anyone (a) KNOWS what it is of (b) can estimate the scale (c) has seen … Continue reading

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Data for common chemicals

As part of a project on chemical synthesis we need to collect some data on common chemicals. So what better place to start than with water? Before looking at the answers, see if you can find the density of Water … Continue reading

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NMR Challenge: what can a machine deduce from a thesis?

One of the ways of extracting chemical structures from the literature is to use the NMR to constrain the possibilities. So, to give you an amusement for the weekend, here are some problems. I have a thesis (which I’m not … Continue reading

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Fun graph

I love Rich Apodaca’s idea of “name that graph” (example). I am not competing, but just occasionally a bit of fun: Shouldn’t be hard

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