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Content Mining Hackday in Cambridge this Friday 20150123 all welcome

We are having a ContentMine hackday – open to all – this Friday in Cambridge . We are VERY grateful to Laura James, from our Advisory Board who also set up the Cambridge Makespace where the event will be … Continue reading

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This month's typographical horror: Researchers PAY typesetters to corrupt information

One of the “benefits” we get from paying publishers to publish our work is that they “typeset” it. Actually they don’t. They pay typesetters to mutilate it. I don’t know how much they pay but it’s probably > 10 USD … Continue reading

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FORCE2015 ContentMine Workshop/hack – we are going to index the scientific literature and clinical trials…

TL;DR We had a great session at FORCE2015 yesterday in Oxford – people liked it, understood it, and are wanting to join us. We ran a pre-conference workshop for 3 hours followed by extra hack. This was open to all … Continue reading

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FORCE2015 Workshop: How ContentMine works for you and what you can bring

TL;DR. WE outline the tools and pipeline which ContentMine will show on Sunday at Force2015. They are very general and accessible to everyone…. ContentMine technology and community is maturing quickly. We’ve just had a wonderful three days in Berlin with … Continue reading

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ContentMine Update and FORCE2015; we read and index the daily scholarly literature

We’ve been very busy and I haven’t blogged as much as I’d liked. Here’s an update and news about immediate events. Firstly to welcome Graham Steel (McDawg) who is joining us as community manager. Graham is a massive figure in the … Continue reading

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