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#opencontentmining MASSIVE step forward. Come and join us in the UK!

The UK government has now given the go-ahead to the major reforms proposed by the Hargreaves committee. . The message is now very simple:   THE UK GOVERNMENT SAYS IT’S LEGAL TO MINE CONTENT FOR THE PURPOSES OF NON-COMMERCIAL … Continue reading

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AMI2 Content mining using PDF and SVG: progress

I’m now returning to UK for a few weeks before coming back to AU to continue. This is a longish post but important for anyone wanting to know the details of how we build an intelligent PDF reader and what … Continue reading

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Temporary Farewell to AU and thanks to some of its mammals

I go back to UK today and am finishing up in the Prahran (Melbourne) apartment where I’ve been for 2.5 months. Prahran is a great place to be – easy tram ride to the CBD (centre) of Melbourne and less … Continue reading

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My/Our talk to CSIRO Publishing. How should we communicate science? “This article uses recyclable scientific information”.

I’ve been working with Nico Adams at CSIRO (Melbourne/Clayton, AU) for nearly 3 months, supported by a Fellowship. CSIRO ( is a government institution similar in many ways to a National Laboratory. It does research (public and private) and publishers … Continue reading

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