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OSRA and others; how to retrieve legacy molecular structures

Egon Willighagen blogged this. There is now a real opportunity for the Open Source chemistry community to create high-quality tools for the extraction of molecular information from legacy documents. Besides full-text articles other good areas to look are probably theses … Continue reading

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Request for Open publication of crystallographic data in Elsevier's Tetrahedron

=========== Open letter to editors of Tetrahedron ========== Professor L. Ghosez , Professor Lin Guo-Qiang , Professor T. Lectka , Professor S.F. Martin , Professor W.B. Motherwell , Professor R.J.K. Taylor , Professor K. Tomioka Subj: Request for Open publication … Continue reading

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cyberscience: Changing the business model for access to data

I have been reviewing the availability of Open Data for cyberscience – concentrating recently on crystallography and chemical spectra as examples. I’ll propose a new business model here, still very ill-formed and I welcome comments. It applies particularly to disciplines … Continue reading

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Request for clarification of copyright and re-use on CIFs from Elsevier/CCDC

==== copy of letter to CCDC requesting clarification on copyright ==== Greetings (Sorry to use a generic address but I am not sure who is the person to contact about permissions). We have a systematic program of carrying out … Continue reading

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Republican vision of Open Source Research

from Peter Suber’s blog: Tommy Thompson wants open source research Tommy Thompson, Republican presidential candidate and former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, has announced his science platform: double the budget of the NIH (to $58 billion/year), … Continue reading

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cyberscience: extracting crystallography from Elsevier's Tetrahedron via CCDC

Regular readers will know of our Crystaleye repository where Nick Day’s robots have – quite legally – extracted ca 100,000 crystal structures from the Open AND closed literature. However it is not yet comprehensive as some publishers do not expose … Continue reading

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Closed access damages peer-review

I talked today with a scientist (R) whom I meet frequently and who works in a leading bioscientific research establishment (not a University, but with Nobel laureate and FRS on the staff). In addition to their day job, R acts … Continue reading

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Avid and continual readers of this blog will remember that some of us in the Blue Obelisk have set out to monitor the posted policy and licenses of “open access” publishers or publishers which offer some “open access” products. We … Continue reading

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"open access" to data – let's be precise

In the last post (Reply from softCon on Spectra and “open access”) I report how ICSU (CODATA) use the phrase “open access”: Here are some quotations from the ICSU report: “…Full and open access” to data implies equitable, non-discriminatory access … Continue reading

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Reply from softCon on Spectra and "open access"

In recent posts Request for CODATA definition of Open Access– and I was concerned about the use of “open access” to describe a pay-to-access database. I had a very useful and constructive reply from softCon about the “open access” database … Continue reading

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