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I have been awarded a Shuttleworth Fellowship to change the world; my first reactions

The Shuttleworth Foundation has done me the honour of appointing me as a Fellow, starting today. The remit ( ) is: The holy grail of every funder is sustainability, an idea and approach living long after the money has run out. … Continue reading

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101 uses for Content Mining

It’s often said by detractors and obfuscates that “there is no demand for content mining”. It’s difficult to show demand for something that isn’t widely available and which people have been scared to use publicly. So this is an occasional … Continue reading

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Content Mining Myths 1: "It's too hard for me to do"; no it's easy

One of the many myths about content mining is that it’s difficult and only experts can do it. Quite the opposite – with the right tools anyone can do it. And in fact most of you do content-mining every day… … Continue reading

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Nature News reports SCIgen gibberish papers; can we rely on conventional peer-review? Or can machines help?

Richard van Noorden has an important report Two science publishers have withdrawn more than 120 papers after a researcher in France identified them as computer-generated. According to Nature News, 16 fraudulent papers appeared in publications from Germany-based Springer, and more … Continue reading

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MDPI and Beall – further comments from a "brainwashed Brit"

After my recent post on MDPI there has been a flurry of comments on this blog and I have also received a few private mails. Some are accusatory either of me or other correspondents. To clarify my position: I have … Continue reading

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Content Mining Myth Busting 0: "It doesn't matter to me"

In the next few posts I shall address some common myths about Content Mining (TDM). Many are implicitly or explicitly put to by Toll-Access Publishers (TAPublishers). The most serious myth is that it’s not important. Actually it’s important to everyone. … Continue reading

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All our software is Open Source; our Data is Open and our standards are Open

Several commenters have asked whether the software we write is Open? YES ALL OF IT UPDATED DAILY All our software is aggressively Open Source or Free, written with a primary purpose of making information universally free. I call it LIBERATION … Continue reading

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Why do libraries sign contracts forbidding mining? I ask under FOI and request them to stop

I intend to submit the following Freedom Of Information request to the 26 leading UK universities (“Russell Group”). The excellent makes this very easy as it gives the addresses and actually sends the request.  The Universities have to answer … Continue reading

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Beall's criticism of MDPI lacks evidence and is irresponsible

I have just seen Jeffrey Beall’s “analysis” of MDPI and wish to respond immediately. I will not respond to all Beall’s criticisms. Beall has set up a site where he lists questionable (aka predatory) Open Access publishers who have … Continue reading

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Machines are better referees than humans but we'll be sued if we use them

Andy Howlett and Mark Williamson in our group have been developing fantastic software. It can read the whole scientific literature and analyse it in minute detail. One of the things we are starting with is chemistry. ChemVisitor (part of AMI2) … Continue reading

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