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Informa Health Care charge 54 USD for 2-page Open Access Article and 3USD per page for photocopy

Informa have just published a 2-page article. The author tells us it’s Open Access but Informa charge 54 USD for 1 day’s read. That’s right, 27 USD per page (and probably taxes). How can ANYONE justify this? Does this … Continue reading

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OpenCon2014 was the Best and Most Important Meeting of My Life; the Revolution is launched

I’m serious. From start to finish this was a superb three-day meeting of young people who know that current scholarship/publishing/university_practice has so many injustices and so much waste that we cannot go on this way. Must be brief – airport. … Continue reading

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Elsevier's French TDM licence conditions

There ‘s a very useful blog post on Elsevier’s content-mining conditions in France. I assume this is layered on the recent French five-year mega-deal with Elsevier.  My school French isn’t good enough for technico-legal terms, so I cannot comment … Continue reading

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Institute of Physics (IOP) Charges for Open

ContentMine has a new collaborator – an astrophysicist. We’re going to work together on mining data from journals. Their leading two include “The Astrophysics Journal” (TAJ) published by the Institute of Physics (IOP). Now s/he’s one of the #scholarlypoor – … Continue reading

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Update for last month: Shuttleworth, BL, MySociety and more

I have been silent for the last month because I have been very busy. I hope to blog more in the next few days. The main activities have been The twice-yearly Gathering of Shuttleworth fellows (this time in Malta). My … Continue reading

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