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Wellcome gets tough on Open Access depositions

When one is active in an area (in this case Open Access) it’s often difficult to see how important it is from outside. So I was delighted to get an internal email to all staff making it clear that it … Continue reading

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Avoiding Mass Extinction with OpenData

A very impressive talk yesterday by Gavin Starks about the challenge of Climate Change. If you ever have the chance to hear or meet him, do. The talk has been blogged by the indefatigable Talis/Nodalities (Paull Miller and (in this … Continue reading

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Alf Eaton and Gavin Bell (Nature) out together a lively BOF this evening on scientific publishing. They presented many of the key components – XML, persistent identifiers, ontologies, etc. Nice to see credit being given to PLoS for its pioneering … Continue reading

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XTech2007 – XForms – do I need them?

Now in XTech2007 – arrived in time for the afternoon session of XForms by Steve Pemberton. XForms allow you to pass XML into/out of forms rather than relying on HTML. In includes things like validation – if you tell it … Continue reading

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XTech2007 and Open Data

I had got lazy about tagging my posts until Brian Kelly gently reporoached me for not adding “WWW2007” as a tag. The point is that Technorati and other engines index the tags and you can search on them. (What, you … Continue reading

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