I’m Peter Murray-Rust, a chemist, intersted in crystallography and informatics. Originally I wanted to write about them, but events took over and I now mainly blog about how to make knowledge Open. You’ll find a bit more about me on Wikipedia

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  1. Raivis says:

    I found your blog and I wanted to ask you a quick question that I am struggling with.
    Would you know a solution of how to extract the text from the green circles show on this file? : https://www.dropbox.com/s/oj57l7rscapwpki/c25.png?dl=0
    I have the code that can detect the center coordinate of those circles, but I haven’t jet figured out how to extract the text. Could you suggest me a possible solution?
    Kind regards,

  2. Fabian Tompsett says:

    Hi Peter,
    I really enjoyed meeting you.
    I am not sure you got my e-mail right, so here it is again.
    By the way as a former typesetter, I don’t think the problem is with typesetting per se, but rather with the financial imperatives of the publishers who do not allow enough time and energy to ensure that the correct unicode is used!
    Let’s meet again soon

    • pm286 says:

      I agree that the typesetter provides a service for money. I believe that this service is unnecessary anyway. I think the publishers outsource both the job and the responsibility. The typesetter has relatively little responsibility other than to interpret the requirement in a e-print medium rather than a digital one. The market seem to think that paying 200 USD to beautify and already acceptable document is worth it, and that if this destroys semantics, it doesn’t matter.
      I’d love to meet again

  3. Valentina says:

    Dear Peter,
    I attended the ContentMine workshop at the Wellcome Trust last week – many thanks again! That was brilliant!
    I would like to send you a fellowship application for which I got shortlisted.
    Is you email
    pm286@cam.ac.uk ?
    I would be very keen to use ContentMine within my research and I wonder if I could mention a possible collaboration with you at the fellowship interview.
    Many thanks
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes

  4. greycity says:

    Do you have any opinions about stakeholders asking a researcher how much a study cost to produce? (where study was generated by virtue of public funds, and stakeholder contributions)

    • pm286 says:

      All funding for University researchers should be public knowledge. If the researcher doesn’t give it you can FOI the University (in UK) and in many other countries. This will include amounts, funder names and any conditions of publication. Only in this way can we ensure transparency.

  5. Anne Sofie says:

    I have been following your fight for open data and better access to research data for quite some time. It is a great inspiration for me as I have done a lot of research myself and in my opinion the entire publishing system needs to rethought. It comes out of a pre internet era and there are so many issues with it. Lastly, they make a lot of money on publishing public founded research which is not acceptable.
    Thanks for all the great work you have done!

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