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A graph

In the tradition of Rich Apodaca’s “Name that graph” (example), here is a graph without axes. You will be seeing more of these later.

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Fun graph

I love Rich Apodaca’s idea of “name that graph” (example). I am not competing, but just occasionally a bit of fun: Shouldn’t be hard

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Algorithm puzzles

I love algorithms. I’m not good at them, but I think they’re a wonderful expression of human creativity. An algorithm is a formal procedure which – in simple terms – works out the answer to a problem. A good algorithm … Continue reading

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Density and mystery

Carsten Niehaus (of the Blue Obelisk) has posed a puzzle – it must be catching. It’s about finding the ordering of density of three liquids with only two weightings. I don’t know whether there is an answer… I suecpt the … Continue reading

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God's golf club

The golf club problem was a throwaway – I didn’t expect it to have a long duration. I can’t resist the following plea and will give a formal answer (there is a much simpler way of doing it) Russ Says: … Continue reading

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