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Paul Miller speaking at UCC

I should have blogged this earlier but was too wrapped up in my talk for yesterday. Still if anyone in the Cambridge area is reading this, Paul Miller of Talis is visiting us today and giving a talk in the … Continue reading

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Talis licence for Open Data

I used to think Open Data was simple – “facts are not copyrightable” and everything follows. No I am wiser and realise that data are complex and need a lot of attention – fast. So it’s very valuable to see … Continue reading

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Blogging in science and mathematics

In a splendid post – reproduced in full (indented) – Kyle Finchsigmate highlights the difference between chemistry and other sciences. WTF is up with the Science blogosphere? 15:11 30/06/2007, Kyle Finchsigmate, sciency politics, The Chem Blog I [i.e. KF] was … Continue reading

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Audible Open Data at WWW2007

Danny Ayers who ran the developers track at WWW2007 recorded our Open Data session. Some presentations had slides and especially Steve Coast and I used animated/interactive material but I think the ideas come across. The Q&A had a lot of … Continue reading

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WWW2007 postscript

I am delighted that I had the chance to go to WWW2007 – at one stage I’d wondered whether there would be anything of interest other than the session I was in (Open Data). Or that I would know anyone… … Continue reading

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What's in a namespaceURI?

On more than one occasion we had heated debates about whether a namespaceURI may/must be resolvable. In the session on linked Data TimBL made it clear that he thought that all namespaceURIs must be resolvable. This conflicted with my memory … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 and/or Semantic Web

Web 2.0 and Semantic Web are sometimes used synonymously, sometimes distinct. I’ve come in halfway through a presentation (missed speaker’s name) and taken away: Web 2.0 blogging AJAX small-scale mashups proprietary APIs niche vocabularies screenscraping whereas Semantic Web is large-scale … Continue reading

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Parsing Microformats (revised post)

Useful presentation online (in S5) from Ryan King (of Technorati) on parsing microfomats. (I’ve been out of touch with HTML4 and I’m learning things.) We’ll need a day or two of virtual Blue Obelisk discussion to make sure we are … Continue reading

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Yahoo! pipes – yet another workflow?

Nice presentation about YP – looks like they are going to start allowing custom web services. Drastically reduces coding – often to zero: 10% of the web 2.0 pyramid (coders, remixers, bloggers) assume prior knowledge (loops, data types) Heart of … Continue reading

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the chemical semantic web has arrived! just do it NOW

I have been overwhelmed with excitement about the new maturity of semantic technology and RDF data that is available for our construction of the chemical semantic web. Note that I used to write “Chemical Semantic Web” with the assumption that … Continue reading

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