Dog food is tasty!

I can’t escape… I have committed myself publicly. Here’s Peter Sefton:  Crossing curation mountain

I’m looking forward to seeing Peter Murray Rust eat my dog food. He’s lucky cos at our place the hounds eat relatively benign dry food. […]

I’m going to follow up on using ICE for blogging to WordPress soon which is what that dog food stuff is about, but Peter has just pointed out some issues with getting papers into institutional repositories and I wanted to discuss some of his points here.


I liked the last bit, so I added some emphasis:

And if I were funding repositories I would certainly put resource into communal authoring environments. If you do that, then it really is a one-click reposition instead of the half-day mess of trying to find the lost documents.

I’ll be sure to mention this to our friends at DEST.

PMR: Thanks. I’ll need help. First we need to make sure the WordPress version is correct. I have 2.03. There are no immediate plans to upgrade but this might swing it. I would re-open the CMLBlog (which is sleeping till I can author better). I probably need some hand-holding.
I think we are gradually getting places. Some years ago we (Henry, Egon and me) hacked CMLRSS. It works, but only with a complicated bespoke client. Now we’ve got a better handle of the technology and with Atom+PNG we can direct intravenous feeds of CrystalEye. Every new structure with full structural diagram (well every organic one). Here’s Jim’s post…

That’s what real publishers should be thinking about. What’s inside the post as well as on the surface. Come to think of it we can probably put it on ICE.

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  1. PT Sefton says:

    Peter, you need WP 2.3 once you get that going we’re here to help.

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