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Chemistry Repositories

Richard Van Noorden – writing in the RSC’s Chemistry World – has described the eChemistry repository project, Microsoft ventures into open access chemistry. This is very topical as Jim Downing, Jeremy Frey, Simon Coles and me are off to join … Continue reading

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From Peter Suber  More on the NIH OA mandate. Many points but I pick one:   Jocelyn Kaiser, Uncle Sam’s Biomedical Archive Wants Your Papers, Science Magazine, January 18, 2008 (accessible only to subscribers).  Excerpt: If you have a grant … Continue reading

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What sort of repositories do we want?

  I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Crane in Phoenix (see below) and last week at our brainstorm on how to fund digital curation. Greg is a remarkable person – a classicist who is compleetely at home creating computer … Continue reading

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Scraping HTML

As we have mentioned earlier, we are looking at how experimental data can be extracted from web sources. There is a rough scale of feasibility: RDF/XML > (legacy)CIF/JCAMP/SDF > HTML > PDF I have been looking at several sites which … Continue reading

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Why is it so difficult to develop systems?

Dorothea Salo (who runs Caveat Lector blog) is concerned (Permalink) that developers and users (an ugly word) don’t understand each other: (I posted a lengthy polemic to the DSpace-Tech mailing list in response to a gentle question about projected DSpace … Continue reading

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Repository depositions – what scales? A simple idea

One of the problems of repositories at present is that everything is new. And much of it is complex. And some changes rapidly. So here is a simple idea, motivated by Dorothea’s reply to a post of mine… Dorothea Salo … Continue reading

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Can I reposit my article?

Having re-explored the access to articles in the Journal Of Molecular Modeling I thought I would see if I am allowed to reposit my article in the Cambridge DSpace. So while the sun is shining here’s a small pictorial journey… … Continue reading

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Using our own repository

Elin Stangeland from our Institutional Repository will be talking to us (my Unilever Centre colleagues) tomorrow on how to use it. Jim and I have seen her draft talk, but I’ll keep it a surprise till afterwards. I still think … Continue reading

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