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Open-Data-driven science and a brokering system for ONS

Cameron Neylon and Jean-Claude Bradley have blogged about a directory of Open Notebook Science (ONS) where projects including this approach can register. Growing a community – Open Notebook Science directories 21:19 14/10/2007, Cameron Neylon, As has been flagged up by … Continue reading

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ODOSOS and an article on OA

Egon reminds us of the importance of the intensity of purpose that we need in the Blue Obelisk. (ODOSOS is our mantra: Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards). I won’t add very much new to that but I’ll also add … Continue reading

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Open NMR

As I have already blogged (WWMM calculation of spectra) we are hoping to provide Jean-Claude Bradley and others an Open service to calculate NMR spectra from structure. This  needs a lot of software components and a lot of glueware. With … Continue reading

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The chemical blogosphere cares

Wow! I posted a request yesterday (sic) for supporting material for our proposal to JISC for a person to support the blogosphere as a major resource for increasing the quality of published chemistry. I have had valuable contributions from 4 … Continue reading

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Eyeballs from the blogosphere

Fantastic! The blogosphere has already responded to our request for accounts of data quality enhancement. Egon Willighagen Says: October 1st, 2007 at 8:18 am ePeter, I’ve placed some pointer to past blog items from my blog that I feel relevant … Continue reading

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Open grant writing. Can the Chemical Blogosphere help with "Agents and Eyeballs"

In the current spirit of Openness I’m appealing to the chemical blogosphere for help. Jim Downing and I are writing a grant proposal for UK’s JISC : supporting education and research – which supports digital libraries, repositories, eScience/cyberinfrastructure, collaborative working, … Continue reading

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Volunteers: does the computer experience translate to chemistry?

One of the spinoffs of having been to scifoo is that I skim over 50+posts / day from the blogs that participants run. Some are multi-author blogs:  Here’s Andy Oram on Tim O’Reilly’s blog, talking about what makes volunteer documenters … Continue reading

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The Obelisk SMILES

We are delighted that Craig James has suggested making the molecular format SMILES an Open activity. Egin Willighagen writes: SMILES to become an Open Standard 08:03 28/09/2007, Egon Willighagen, Craig James wants to make SMILES an open standard, and this … Continue reading

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Diazonamide : The Blue CrystalEye Greasemonkey lends a hand

There is some doubt about what the structure of diazonamide A is. Because there is no absolute way of assigning names to structures. We only agree what aspirin is because everyone has been assigning the same structure to it for … Continue reading

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CrystalEye GreaseMonkey

Nick Day has just released a Greasemonkey script which provides a full crystallographic overlay for existing journals. It’s worth trying as it’s visually exciting as well as very useful. This post tells you what it does, how it works, and … Continue reading

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