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Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Symposium ; Updates, including live streaming

Tomorrow we have the Memorial Symposium for Jean-Clause Bradley in Cambridge: We have 13 speakers and other items related to JCB. The lecture theatre is nearly full (ca 48 people) ** We have arranged live streaming and recording so … Continue reading

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Content Mining: Extraction of data from Images into CSV files – step 0

Last week I showed how we can automatically extract data from images. The example was a phylogenetic tree, and although lots of people think these are wonderful, even more will have switched off. So now I’m going to show how … Continue reading

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Social Machines, SOCIAM, WWMM, machine-human symbiosis, Wikipedia and the Scientist's Amanuensis

Over 10 years ago, when peer-to-peer was an exciting and (through Napster) a liberating idea, I proposed the World Wide Molecular Matrix (Cambridge), (wikipedia) as a new approach to managing scientific information. It was bottom-up, semantic, and allowed scientists to … Continue reading

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Why I am fortunate to live and work in Cambridge

Today was the Tour de France; third day – Cambridge to London. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Should I “take the morning off” to watch the race – or should I continue to hack code for freedom. After all we are in … Continue reading

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Jean Claude Bradley Memorial Symposium; July 14th; let's take Open Notebook Science to everyone

On July 14th we are holding a memorial meeting for Jean-Claude Bradley in Cambridge. Do come; it’s open for all. [NOTE: we hope to get live streaming for those who can’t come.] Jean-Claude Bradley was one of the most … Continue reading

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Mozilla Global Science Hack – A must-attend event for scientists who want programs

In 3 weeks from now we’ll have a massive global hack for science. Many scientists probably think software is something that other people do. “I’m not a programmer” is a frequent cry. But things are changing. Programming is increasingly about … Continue reading

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Visit of Richard Stallman (RMS) to Cambridge

Richard Stallman (RMS) from MIT stayed with us for 2 days last week. Since RMS has a 9000-word rider on what he needs and doesn’t need when visiting, I hope I will help future hosts by adding some comments. TL;DR … Continue reading

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