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Massively Multiplayer Online Bibliography contrasted with Elsevier’s Mendeley

There’s been a minor Twitter storm caused by one of my tweets about MMOB and Elsevier’s Mendeley. Twitter is a poor medium for discussion (asynchronous and character-limited) and since I had intended to blog about these issues and this is … Continue reading

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A single #openaccess reprint request from Elsevier costs 50,000 USD

Elsevier pointed me to their recent set of #openaccess journals. I have uncovered multiple serious problems in their labelling and access. Now I show that mislabelling and misimplementation could cost customers huge amounts of money. I will pretend I am … Continue reading

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Update from Elsevier; some #openaccess problems will take many months to fix

Today I got a second substantive reply from Elsevier on the problems with their #openaccess labelling and access. The other issue you raise relates to the clarity of labelling of articles as open access, and the clarity of labelling the … Continue reading

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Why Crowdcrafting is a good way of investigating antimatter and gravity

I recently described /pmr/2013/08/09/crowdsourcing-at-crowdcrafting-were-doing-antimatter-research-2/ why I was helping (in a very small way) a Crowdcrafting project to help CERN scientists in finding how antimatter behaves in gravity. Here’s an update about why and what the experiment is about (from … Continue reading

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Elsevier replies in part: “systems issues are inevitable”

Elsevier has replied (italics) to my blog post /pmr/2013/08/14/elsevier-charges-3000-usd-apc-and-then-retains-all-rights-is-this-openaccess-no-they-then-put-it-behind-paywall-32-usd/ and addressed one of the problems I reported Dear Peter, Thank you for pointing out these concerns. It’s a good thing to have someone so focused on pointing issues out for … Continue reading

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Copyright Clearance Center completely misrepresents user views on Text and Data Mining; we do not want “market-based solutions”

The latest ScholarlyKitchen features an interview with Roy Kaufman the head of the CopyrightClearanceCenter (CCC). CCC operates the Rightslink service which charges readers for re-use of scholarly articles (“the [RL] customer is usually the publisher”) . “Founded in 1978 … Continue reading

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Update on Elsevier’s failings in Gold #openaccess

Preamble: A large number of publishers now have “open access” offerings and have been actively promoting them, including on Twitter. I have been checking with several of these to see whether the “open access” is properly and labelled. Some (including … Continue reading

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Elsevier charges 3000 USD APC and then retains all rights; is this #openaccess?? No, they then put it behind paywall, 32 USD

Every day we get tweeted by Elsevier about their wonderful #openaccess offerings. One of the latest pointed to: I chose to see how this worked. Note licences are discussed under where they offer CC-BY, CC-BY-NC-SA and CC-BY-NC-ND. … Continue reading

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Publishers such as Nature can make LOTS of money out of non-CC-BY articles; authors, is this what you want?

There’s a number of academic protagonists arguing that CC-NC on journals articles protects authors while CC-BY does not. (see discussion with Rosie Redfield, /pmr/2013/08/12/resale-of-openaccess-cc-by-papers-is-fully-acceptable/#comment-140831 ) I don’t believe this and it isn’t shown in practice. Until recently all major fully-OA … Continue reading

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Overseas Development Institute publishes closed access; it could do much better (Green OA, then an OA journal, then a resource)

There has been a flurry of activity about Development Policy Review and Disasters, journals “published” by the ODI. Last week Duncan Green on his / OXFAM blog wrote: Yet this week I had a depressing exchange with the (usually … Continue reading

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