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Content Mining: we can now mine images (of phylogenetic trees and more)

The reason I use “content mining” and not “Text and Data Mining” is that science consists of more than text – images, audio video, code and much more.  Text is the best known and the most immediately tractable and many … Continue reading

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Is this a scam or a new low for Elsevier?

I got the following mail today. I genuinely don’t know whether it’s a scam or an unacceptable spam from Elsevier: Measurement <> 9:54 AM (18 minutes ago) Dear Dr. Peter Murray-Rust, You have received this system-generated message because you have … Continue reading

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Content Mining hackday in Edinburgh; we solve Scraping

[P Murray-Rust, CC  0] We had our hack day in Edinburgh yesterday on content mining. First, massive thanks to: Mark MacGillivray for organising the event in Informatics Forum Informatic Forum for being organised Claire and Ianthe from Edinburgh library for sparkle and … Continue reading

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Hackday 2014-06-19 in Edinburgh – a radically new approach to Scholarly Communication in the Digital Enlightenment

Summary: Help us change the way we communicate Science and the Humanities in the Digital Enlightenment. Free [1] EVERYONE can help.Edinburgh is the capital of the Scottish Enlightenment where free thinkers changed the way we think about and run the … Continue reading

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We launch The Content Mine In Vienna, Interviews, Talks and our first public Workshop

Last week was one of the most exciting in my life – but also among the hardest I have worked. I travelled from Budapest to Vienna to be the guest of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and to give a … Continue reading

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My MPs say "You can ignore Elsevier's TDM click-through API and we urge your library to do so too"

  A little while ago I wrote to Minister David Willetts through my MP Julian Huppert on two issues; Elsevier’s misselling of Open Access Articles (later described by Elsevier as their “bumpy road to Open Access”) Elsevier’s unnecessary click-through API … Continue reading

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Elsevier's new API approach to Content Mining should be avoided by all Librarians

Yesterday Elsevier updated its approach to Text and Data Mining. This is a rapid response . Elsevier’s material is at and is italicised here.  My emphasis in Elsevier’s text is [thus]. My comments interleaved. TL;DR [summary] Elsevier’s new approach is … Continue reading

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Content Minings Starts Today! and we have the technology

Today 2014-06-01 is a very important date. The UK government has pushed for reform of copyright and – despite significant opposition and lobbying from mainstream publishers – the proposals are now law. Today. Laws are complicated and the language can … Continue reading

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