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Theses: why do we force graduate students to corrupt crystallographic information?

In our SPECTRa-T project we are exploring how we can extract data and metadata from chemistry theses. Almost all these documents are now born-digital, i.e. written in a wordprocessor such as Word or TeX rather than being typed on carbon … Continue reading

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Open NMR

As I have already blogged (WWMM calculation of spectra) we are hoping to provide Jean-Claude Bradley and others an Open service to calculate NMR spectra from structure. This  needs a lot of software components and a lot of glueware. With … Continue reading

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Webcast: the power of the eThesis

I am very grateful to Caltech, specially Eric van der Velde, for organising and recording my presentation on eTheses at Caltech last month. See The power of the Scientific eThesis, a combined audio, video and screenshow. Caltech have done a … Continue reading

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lemon8-XML and theses

Via Peter Suber. Although the full post is important for Open Access new, I concentrate on an XML tool I hadn’t heard of: Interview with John Willinsky 15:13 13/08/2007, Peter Suber, Open Access News Dean Giustini, UBC’s John Willinsky – … Continue reading

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