Webcast: the power of the eThesis

I am very grateful to Caltech, specially Eric van der Velde, for organising and recording my presentation on eTheses at Caltech last month. See The power of the Scientific eThesis, a combined audio, video and screenshow. Caltech have done a very good job of stitching it together. Many of the “slides” were in scrolling HTML so the slide-count is artificially high – each scroll generates a new “slide”. Total time about 67 minutes.
The themes include:

  • homage to Caltech: Jack Dunitz, Linus Pauling, Verner Schomaker and Ken Trueblood.
  • data-driven science in crystallography – examples from 1973 to present day.
  • semantic web and chemistry, including DBPedia
  • Open Access
  • eTheses
  • crystalEye

and questions at the end.
Since my presentations are taken from many thousand slides it gives an accurate impression of a typical talk, where I do not know in advance exactly what components I shall touch on. In a few places my machine ran slowly so there are minor hiatuses.

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3 Responses to Webcast: the power of the eThesis

  1. Frieder Hirsch says:

    It was impossible to me to have a look at your presentation because my browser said:
    “WM7 Activex control Not Found”
    Another barrier for open access?

  2. justme says:

    Hmm, I have the same problem.
    has some suggestions; and have done anything that appeared to be needed there.
    Googling murray-rust and caltech found the presentation on the caltech site, which offers the chance to download necessary media player stuff. That might help
    But have finally realised that my employers have blocked streaming media during the day, so further testing has to wait till after hours!!

  3. pm286 says:

    (1, 2) This is all under Caltech’s control so I can’t comment. But I will hope to download a local copy for Cambridge.

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