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Ownership/Copyright of Comments and Email

David Goodman raises a question in response to this post: December 18th, 2006 at 11:33 pm e excerpted and adapted from my Dec 18 posting on the SPARC-OA list:As an example, relevant to this very posting, I quote from this … Continue reading

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Open Data: more on ALPSP and STM statement

The next few posts will contain a substantial amount of comment (hopefully from you, dear readers and commentators) on the June 2006 ALPSP/STM statement on data in scholarly publications. I’m kicking myself for missing it. I plead that I have … Continue reading

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Open Data : help from ALPSP and STM

I’m over the moon! Richard (from the Royal Society of Chemistry) has commented on my post: about the ownership and licensing of data Richard Says: December 13th, 2006 at 3:27 pm eAnd of course, publishers (well, ALPSP and STM members) … Continue reading

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Open Data: help from Microsoft

In reply to my last post (about the idea of adding Creative Commons licenses to scientific data)… Robin Rice Says: December 12th, 2006 at 7:04 pm eThere was an article in the October issue of Ariadne, Creative Commons Licences in … Continue reading

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Open Data – what can I do? Simple, legal, viral suggestion

Following discussion on the SPARC Open Data list I got a mail: I’d like to hear more discussion on open data, too. In particular, what are the practical approaches that will help adoption of open data by researchers themselves? We … Continue reading

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Egon on SMILES InChI CML and RSS

on Planet Blue Obelisk Egon Willighagen (chemblaics) blogged on: Including SMILES, CML and InChI in blogs I agree with everything Egon says and add comments. (Incidentally WordPress and Planet remove the microformats so please read his original for the correct … Continue reading

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Why bother with new technology?

Kinasepro has blogged about discussions of new chemoinformatics technology (specifically CML (Chemical Markup Language) and InChI (chemical identifier)). Here’s the post and some correspondence. It’s basically about the introduction of new technology. Obviously I’m not neutral but I will try … Continue reading

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What is a chemical compound? and what's a label

Steve Bachrach poses an interesting question on the CHMINF-L list. I have omitted the citations and some other material – you can read the archive if necessary.   I have run into an interesting chemical problem that has led to … Continue reading

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What is a citation?

I’ve been trying to find out what a “citation” is. At least the sort of citation that governs my future, and the funding of my department and institution. Just to reintroduce this subject, here’s Bill Hooker replying tomy post Impact … Continue reading

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"English sentences without overt grammatical subject"

We had a Ph. D. viva today and a small party afterwards.  We got onto interesting scholarly publications which reminded me of a paper which came out in my early career. It was by  Quang Phuc Dong (South Hanoi Institute … Continue reading

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