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Talks at Berlin5 on Open Access

  Antonella De Robbio has very kindly made available the talks ate Berlin 5 Open Access : From Practice to Impact : Consequences of Knowledge Dissemination 19 – 21 September, 2007 They can be viewed starting from the Conference website … Continue reading

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I made the sweeping assertion at Berlin5 that no-one other than me was blogging (I asked for a show of hands), and am delighted to be proved wrong: Paolo Gardois Says: September 24th, 2007 at 3:30 pm e Firstly, compliments … Continue reading

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blogs, folksonomies and tagging – get going!

At the recent “Berlin 5” meeting on Open Access I noted sadly that I was the only person blogging the meeting. Normally there are many bloggers at the meetings I go to so I (and everyone else) can choose what … Continue reading

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berlin5: final thoughts

Some final thoughts on the berlin-5 meeting on Open Access in Padova – I have spent more blog time than I thought and I am probably driving any chemical/software readers up the wall. This should be the last post with … Continue reading

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berlin5 : Alma Swan

The final keynote by Alma Swan, familiar to all in the OA field. How are we doing? (Alma does a lot of surveys, interviews questionnaires, etc.) We are getting definition creep. There should be no qualification of OA – it’s … Continue reading

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berlin5 : NIH and RCUK

NIH has an open policy since 1994. Barbar Seto presented an example, GWAS which has to deal with human subjects. How to make data Open, while protecting identity? NIH serves as central data repository, including: Genome-wide acssociation study (GWAS), Genbank, … Continue reading

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berlin5: Open Data and institutional repositories

John Marks (ESF) introduced our session and set the scene on the need for Open Data and sharing. He stated strongly that it was essential that we had discipline-specific repositories for different branches of science. I share this view and … Continue reading

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berlin5 : Maxine Clarke

Maxine is presenting Nature’s practice and philosophy on data. (Hope I capture this OK – there is a lot or material) In the early 1990’s they introduced Supplementary Info (SI). 2007 they have fully integrated online methods. SI is largely … Continue reading

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berlin5 : what did I say?

I am very grateful to Berlin5 and the ESF (European Science Foundation) for inviting me to speak on “Open Data”. In giving talks like this I don’t prepare a linear set of Powerpoint (which I despise technically and philosophically) but … Continue reading

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berlin5 : Ilaria Capua's bravery

A stunning presentation from Ilaria Capua on the necessity of releasing sequence information relating to avian flu. There’s lot’s ocoverage on the web – here’s one and a snippet: After Capua took over, IZSVe became Italy’s reference lab for bird … Continue reading

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