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PMR Hackfest: Augmented Molecular Reality – volunteers welcomed

#pmrhack The contents and activities of our hackfest (/pmr/2010/12/23/pmr-events-at-unilever-centre-january-1516-and-17/ ) will be determined by YOUR inventiveness, not our planning. So here’s a typical example of a mashup created in 24 hours. It comes mainly from Dave Murray-Rust ( with minor … Continue reading

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PMR Hackfest and Blue Obelisk activity/Dinner

As part of the PMR hackfest (/pmr/2010/12/23/pmr-events-at-unilever-centre-january-1516-and-17/) we plan to have a Blue Obelisk dinner and a BlueOb hack. The Blue Obelisk ( is a group of like-minded chemists/programmers w2ho create and promote ODOSOS (open Data, Open Standards and Open … Continue reading

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PMR symposium – how can we broad/multi/share/cast it?

We’re planning the infrastructure for “Visions of a Semantic (Molecular) Future” in Cambridge on Jan 17th /pmr/2010/12/23/pmr-events-at-unilever-centre-january-1516-and-17/ and want to make this available live to as many people as possible. (We know that there are many people who have clashes … Continue reading

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PMR events at Unilever Centre January 15/16 and 17

“Visions of a Semantic (Molecular) Future” The weekend and Monday events in Cambridge are now shaping up well and there is already a very promising amount of interest and registration. The following is the material just sent out to participants … Continue reading

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Open Access – why we need Open Bibliography

Stevan Harnad has commented on the discussion on publishing Open Access: Stevan Harnad says: December 20, 2010 at 11:15 am  (Edit) Why not just publish in your preferred journal and self-archive the peer-reviewed final draft (“Green OA”)? For those who don’t … Continue reading

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Why I and you should avoid NC licences

Richard Kid – an friend and collaborator from the Royal Society of Chemistry – asks why I don’t like NC (non-commercial) Open Source licences: December 16, 2010 at 10:32 am  (Edit) But what about the authors’ intentions when they put a … Continue reading

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Should I publish Open Access?

In a reply to the last post Pablo (a leader of the Quixote project) asks: Pablo Echenique says: December 10, 2010 at 5:12 pm  (Edit) I have another question for you, Peter. I have thought about emailing you but maybe this … Continue reading

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“What free software licence should I use?”

I often ask questions and answer them on Stackoverflow – an Open site available to anyone to who has programming questions. It’s so successful that over about 2-3 years it has had over 1MILLION questions. Yes, one million. That’s a … Continue reading

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Wikileaks – (Web) democracy is in the balance; WE must act:

We are now in the middle of a defining point in human history – an increasing struggle between those who believe that information should be free and those who wish to control it – for many reasons (political, commercial, religious). … Continue reading

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Do you love books? Get involved! Bibliography wants to be Open

#jiscopenbib Books are part of the lifeblood of our culture. Their content, their physical form, their impact continues to entrance us. (Yesterday an Audubon was sold for several million). You don’t need to be a librarian or an academic to … Continue reading

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