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Travels of the Blue Obelisk Greasemonkey

While researching about Open Access I visited the TOC for Nature’s MSB. (In passing, none of the articles are flagged in the TOC as Open Access, though they all actually carry a CC-licence and the journal masthead announces that this … Continue reading

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Open Reading Mashup – would it work for chemistry?

Bill Hooker – a staunch supporter and campaigner for Open Data – has published his first mashup. He queries whether it actually is one – and I tend to agree – but the effect is to bring together different sources … Continue reading

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Blogging in science and mathematics

In a splendid post – reproduced in full (indented) – Kyle Finchsigmate highlights the difference between chemistry and other sciences. WTF is up with the Science blogosphere? 15:11 30/06/2007, Kyle Finchsigmate, sciency politics, The Chem Blog I [i.e. KF] was … Continue reading

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CML on ICE – towards Open chemical/scientific authoring

Because WWMM had outages my blogging is behind and I’d written a post on Peter Sefton’s ICE. Peter and I met at ETD2007 and immediately clicked. But WWMM went to sleep and I haven’t reposted. Peter has beaten me to … Continue reading

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Alicia's Open Science Thesis

Jean-Claude Bradley and coworkers has pioneered the concept of Open Science in chemistry – and it goes beyond that. On UsefulChem he writes: The fact that Alicia’s masters thesis “Synthesis of Diketopiperazines, Possible Malaria Enoyl Reducatase Inhibitors Using Open Source … Continue reading

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Ola Spjuth of Bioclipse

From time to time people get presented with Blue Obelisks and the latest recipient is Ola Spjuth. Presentations – and the preparations for them – are rarely simple – they have included obelisk falling off the table on night of … Continue reading

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The soul of the Blue Obelisk

There has been a discussion on the Blue Obelisk mailing list about whether we should move the mailing list to Google to attract the less geeky community. I drafted a contribution to this discussion and then felt it would be … Continue reading

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Bioclipse – Rich Client

I’m at the Bioclipse workshop in Uppsala – excellently run by Ola Spjuth and colleagues. Rich clients – where the client has significant functionality beyond the basic browser – are critical for the interchange of scientific information. A typical example … Continue reading

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Bioclipse and the Information Revolution

I have been honoured to have been asked to talk at the 07.05.23 Embrace Workshop on Bioclipse 2007 (EWB 07), BMC, Uppsala … meeting next week in Sweden. This post explains why Bioclipse is so important (it goes beyond bio/chem) … Continue reading

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More on triple stores – molecules next

Since I think triple stores will change the way we think about information the current posts are somewhat of a stream of consciousness. (Rather tedious as it is almost impossible to put nicely formatted TT stuff into WordPress). We shall … Continue reading

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