Ola Spjuth of Bioclipse

From time to time people get presented with Blue Obelisks and the latest recipient is Ola Spjuth. Presentations – and the preparations for them – are rarely simple – they have included

  • obelisk falling off the table on night of travel
  • being sent a green obelisk (although to be fair this was an addition by the supplier)
  • tramping the length and breadth of San Fancisco only to discover there seemed to be no blue obelisks in the whole city. The recipients at that stage got pseudo-blue pseudo-obelisks

and most recently the supply was late, so I resorted to a crystal healing shop in Uppsala – which also had no obelisks but did have a magic blue rock.
So Ola was presented with a blue “foo” for which he was promised a real obelisk next time we met. We hopefully have a photograph of the presentation, in which case it should be possible to
to do some Photoshopping or similar on the photo.
Fortunately I shall be in Uppsala again in June and Ola and I will be able to meet for a physical handover.
For the uninitiated – there is no formula for the award of the blue obelisk – it happens when it happens, but there has to be physical meeting – they are not delivered by post. There is no citation – if there were an inscription it would read:
“Si monumentum requiris, circumspice”

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