#animalgarden at Digital Research 2012 (#openbiblio and BibSoup) and OKFest

It’s a very busy time for #animalgarden – the group of animals committed to Openness. Last month they made the allegorical movie of weak chemical AI (“Magic Chemical Panda”, /pmr/2012/08/17/animalgarden-present-the-chemical-chinese-room-at-the-american-chemical-society-meeting/ and ). Now they’ve been busy on #openbiblio and #okfest.

[PMR I presented #openbiblio among a series of Open tools I call “Liberation Software” designed to create Open information, especially in #scholpub and Open Scholarship.

Mahendra Mahey ran a great evening session for new ideas / software along the lines of Dragon’s Den. We all had to pitch. I showed the #animalgarden video explaining how Bibsoup works https://vimeo.com/35458484

Gulliver is the Open Access turtle from BioMed Central. He’s very keen on making things Open.

We’re VERY busy. We’ve got a new member of #animalgarden who is helping us with #okfest next week

It’s Chuff the OKAPI

Chuff wears the OK logo.

OKFest is growing rapidly. We’ve got sessions on science and open-access. It’s impossible to take in everything.

It’s a must-attend event.

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  1. John says:

    Looks like I shall be attending OKFEST 2012!

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