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Working with the NCI

I was intending to blog about our collaboration with Dan Zaharevitz and colleagues at the National Cancer Institute in the DTP (Developmental Therapeutics Program). Dan beat me to it: in a CMLBlog comment (February 4th, 2008 at 5:02 pm e) … Continue reading

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Semantic Chemical Computing

Several threads come together to confirm we are seeing a change in the external face of scientific computing. Not what goes on inside a program, but what can be seen from the outside. Within simple limits what goes on inside … Continue reading

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CMLBlog: Sourceforge resources

[This is the first of a continuing series of posts destined for the revitalised CMLBlog.] The major developers resource for CML is at sourceforge. This is the traditional page which each project has and has several useful features: There has … Continue reading

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CML Blog and Update

Henry [Rzepa] and I are planning a major facelift for the public face of CML this year.  CML is about 13 years old and has gone through several revisions and relocations, so that information is somewhat scattered. CML is now … Continue reading

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