Parsing Microformats (revised post)

Useful presentation online (in S5) from Ryan King (of Technorati) on parsing microfomats. (I’ve been out of touch with HTML4 and I’m learning things.) We’ll need a day or two of virtual Blue Obelisk discussion to make sure we are adhering to the specs (yes, there are some). You don’t have to LIKE them – but they seem to be the way that it works.For example the value of a class may be a list of whitespace-separated tokens. Spans may be nested. All class names are lowercase
I tried to give the examples in an earlier version of this post but the raw XHTML breaks WordPress. You’ll have to read Ryan’s talk – it’s very clear there.
The main thing is that we have to know what we are doing, not make it up from HTML vocabulary as we go along. So it’s definitely important that the Blue Obelisk has a Wiki page on how we should be using microformats. If Ryan has material relevant to BO I’ll blog it later.

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