Yahoo! pipes - yet another workflow?

Nice presentation about YP - looks like they are going to start allowing custom web services. Drastically reduces coding - often to zero:

  • 10% of the web 2.0 pyramid (coders, remixers, bloggers)
  • assume prior knowledge (loops, data types)

Heart of system is, of course, web data.

  • engine tuned for RSS but not necessarily.
  • editor - nearly everything can do it in browser. Instant "ON" - no downloads. Dataflow apps tuned to visual programming. learn and propagate by "view source" (this is valuable metaphor)
  • design - easy to use. highlights valid connections. l2r readability. (find pizza within 1 mile of foo), dragability. debuggable on refresh.

Certainly looks slickr than Taverna. Uses <canvas> tag in many browsers. Runs on any modern browser (IE6/7 via SVG). Performance degrades with transparent layers. worst problem for Canvas is that it occludes DOM events (only click). [Obviously fairly hairy programming was required - transparency, drag etc.]. API rate limits (i.e. if your pipe is popular you might use up API rate)
XML, JSON, KML GeoRSS. Disposable Applications? And perhaps XML-over-the-web has finally arrived?

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  2. Mitch Garcia at Berkeley has done some interesting things with Yahoo Pipes. I reviewed his chemistry ToCs Pipe on Sciencebase recently - - but he discusses them in more depth in his blog on


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