Here’s Pimm (attilachordash) with a nice picture of the linkages in the scifoo tag cloud.

SciFoo links visualized by TouchGraph Google Browser

Posted by attilachordash on August 11th, 2007

The Google Hacks book from O’Reilly was one out of the free goodies on the SciFoo last weekend. Hack #3 is Visualize Google Results with the TouchGraph Java applet that allows you to visually explore the connections between related websites. Of course I started with the term “scifoo” with the setting of filtering single nodes out of the network in order to see the separate groups of nodes behind.


Explore the detailed properties of the SciFoo URL cloud by double clicking the individual nodes in the network.

PMR: (the click didn’t work for me either in Firefox or IE – maybe something has to be enabled). Perhaps someone would like to do this for the chemical blogosphere?

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