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Open NMR: Nick Day's misassignment detector plot

It has become clear that a number of structures in the NMRShiftDB data set probably have misassigned peaks. A very common situation is where two peaks are misassigned to a pair of atoms (i.e. peakA is assigned to atomA and … Continue reading

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Open NMR: Update

Prompted by an enquiry today [below] it’s a good time to update about the project. I haven’t talked to Nick today but he mailed earlier and I’ll quote from his mail, which we hope to post in full when we … Continue reading

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Open NMR: How good is the prediction?

Egon asks about the quality of the prediction: Egon Willighagen Says: November 5th, 2007 at 5:58 pm e Peter/Henry, I was wondering about the carbon shifts for atoms in an aromatic ring? Can the QM method you are using work … Continue reading

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Open NMR: what metadata do we want?

One of the reasons that CrystalEye works is that the metadata contributed by the authors (and required by the publishers, through IUCr) is superb. Is there general agreement about what metadata should be captured for NMR spectra or shifts? The … Continue reading

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Open NMR: update and requests for input

The NMR project that Nick Day has been working on for the last month has run its course. We said that it would finish at the end of October so as not to prolong Nick’s writing up. Like all research … Continue reading

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Joe Townsend's PhD and data-driven science

Joe was examined yesterday by Martin Dove (Cambridge) and Henry Rzepa – of course nothing is official but he was given the indication “minor corrections”. So I will congratulate Joe on having to make corrections. I won’t put words into … Continue reading

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We agree the structure is wrong!

Nick Day’s procedure has generated the agreement – and disagreement – between observed and calculated NMR shifts. In my post Open Notebook NMR – the good and the ugly I highlighted one of the worst disagreements. I hesitated to say … Continue reading

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Open NMR publication: possible ways forward

Wolfgang Robien has posted some valuable comments and I think this gives us a positive way forward. I won’t comment line by line but refer you to the links. For background Wolfgang suggest that I have a religious take on … Continue reading

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Open NMR: contributions from the community about outliers and assignments

We are delighted at the practical and helpful  contributions from members of the community in helping to understand or correct outliers in the data set we are using. This is exactly what we hoped would happen at the start of … Continue reading

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Open NMR calculations: intermediate conclusions (comments)

I posted our intermediate conclusions on Nick Day’s computational NMR project, and have received two lengthy comments. I try to answer all comments, though as Peter Suber says in his interview sometimes comments lead to discourses of indefinite length. I … Continue reading

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