Does linking to technorati tags generate spam?

In a recent post (blogs, folksonomies and tagging – get going!) I encouraged the Open Access community to start using blogs and tagging. I specifically pointed to Technorati to illustrate the value and showed that some conferences had huge amounts of traffic and others almost none. I gave several examples and gave links to the technorati summary of the posts under given tags. This was based on a particular URL structure.
On revisiting these sites I find that the lists at Technorati have been drastically altered.  The berlin5 one has 11 porno spam links. The method a fairly recent one – take the content of a genuine post and do some very crude lexical munging of the words and phrases (I get zillions of these each day sumitted to the blog comments). Somehow they actually linked to sex sites in Cambridge, so maybe they interpret domain names. So it seems the spammers have found my post yesterday and somewhere generated spam content that is either injected into Technorati or has already been linked. AFAICS the genuine links are still there.
Then I looked at www2007 worrying that I would see the same. But whereas there were 300+ links yesterday to www2007, now there are only 6, all half a year old. Was technorati spammed and tried to clean it?
If by linking to Technorati I have unwittingly generated spam I apologize, but this can be done in other ways.
I don’t take Technorati counts very seriously – about as seriously as I take ISI citation counts – but it’s a useful way of finding people. But maybe we have to be careful about the exact way we use it. I welcome enlightenment.

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