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WordPress – help!

This blog is now about 2 months old and I’ve made 70 posts. I have done all my editing with WordPress, the software that publishes this blog. Some things work well, others are driving me wild (and actually stopping me … Continue reading

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How do I keep up with the Literature?

Here’s a cry from the heart (Stephen Koch Department of Chemistry SUNY Stony Brook) on the CHMINF-L list (for chemical informatics and libraries). I would like to bring up an issue which has not generated a lot of discussion on … Continue reading

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Datuments and the ACS Style Guide

I was delighted to receive a special book yesterday: “The ACS Style Guide” Effective Communication of Scientific Information  Anne Coghill and Lorrin Garson. OUP ISBN-13:978-0-8412-3999-9 It’s an attractive produced hardback volume and I’m torn as to whether I should keep … Continue reading

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Two months ago I was invited by Timo Hannay of Nature to a Nature/O’Reilly FooCamp at GooglePlex. Unfortunately I was already booked and Peter Corbett was able to step in. But there was a generic invitation from Leslie Hawthorn (who … Continue reading

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GIFs and other horrors

The GIF (and its extended family of PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) are major destroyers of scientific data. This post shows why they should be avoided for much scientific data. (The GIF has additional infamy through the patent fiasco). In … Continue reading

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Blog as presentation

Any of you on the chemoinformatics circuit knows Wendy Warr – present all at meetings – knows everybody and is tireless in communicating news to the community – formally and informally. She has also been the highly respected and tireless … Continue reading

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Open Data, Open Science. Closed Data…

(I have been fighting the blogging software – on several occasions it has published a blank post. So please excuse these bits of the “learning curve”. I shall now write my posts in an editor and paste them. This is … Continue reading

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Blog; Alma; ACS

I am stiil working out how the blogging software works – I lost the last post… Also formatting code, XML, etc seems to be hairy. So forgive some of the early stuff. Also Jim showed me today I had to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the petermr blog! This is one of a series of blogs from scientists in the Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics at Cambridge. I’ll indicate some of the others on my blogroll. For now, just note that there is … Continue reading

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