Mystery picture

What’s this picture?
and why might I be interested in it?
(It’s not the whole picture, so I claim fair use – I don’t know who the copyright holder is. And the clipped space hides a fairly vital clue).
[UPDATE: 2007-12-23:
It’s a penguin, drawn by Robert Shackelton. There’s also one by Robert Scott.  They were discovered in a basement in the Scott Polar Research Institute which is just next to The Chemistry lab in Cambridge. There was a TV van there two days ago…

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3 Responses to Mystery picture

  1. Mat Todd says:

    Great Scott! Did you find them?

  2. pm286 says:

    (1) No, but I’m very close

  3. cctv says:

    Seems strange that they just “found” them in a basement. I wonder what other amazing things they have down there.

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