#vivo12 my talk “Reclaim Our Scholarship”

“Power corrupts; Powerpoint corrupts absolutely” (Tufte)

My talk is through HTML links – you need to be on the web.

Reclaim Our Scholarship

[was: Bottom-up collaborations in the Internet Age]

VIVO12, Miami, US

Peter Murray-Rust, Unilever Centre for Molecular Sciences Informatics, University of Cambridge


  • Restrictive practices in #scholpub are costing billions
  • The direct fruits of science are denied to 99% of the human race – everywhere. The “scholarly poor”
  • Most scientific data (80%+) is lost. Much of the rest is walled up by publishers
  • The only answer is REAL OPEN.
  • Individuals and small groups can change the world
  • VIVO could be a key point in this change

Text for today – from SciVal (Elsevier) flyer
… “[In VIVO] [Elsevier] combine rich Scopus(R) publication histories, your institution’s own content and individual researcher data in semantic form, and share this information as linked open data.”

PMR mission – to create robots to liberate all published factual scientific content. “liberation software”

Zookeys CC-NC

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