Open Science Summit: My homage to Berkeley – Flowerpoint

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Open Science Summit: Update.

The live feed is variable, I gather. There have been many very good tweets and they are archived on:

(I guess this will be dynamically updated.)

I wasn’t able to show my own HTML so I showed a few HTML links from the blog. I had, however, my main visual support – FLOWERPOINT;

Some of the younger generation may not appreciate the real change that flowerpower made to us in the 60’s and 70’s. I have finally paid my homage to Berkeley.

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2 Responses to Open Science Summit: My homage to Berkeley – Flowerpoint

  1. Lovely of course PMR, your FlowerPoint was a hit. There was also a bit of discussion en homage at and thanks for linking from here to the “twarchives.”
    Our Marty Jensen got it working so nearly 2,000 tweets tagged #OSS2010 were imported over the last week, each tucked in as a blog post among some other posts. That site is itself an open blog as well, one registered in the OSF site can freely post. The tweets will be available most importantly after they are no longer in Twitter’s search cache.
    Then Brian Glanz has them indexed with a Google Custom Search Engine, and that engine’s index includes other posts and pages related to OSS 2010. With editorial work could shape up as a general resource for conference outcomes.
    I was not at the conference but would have liked more focus on next steps for organising Open Science. Still, certainly we can and will continue in that vein. -julie

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