Skolnik Symposium ACS 2012 #skolnik2012

Henry Rzepa and I are running the ACS Herman Skolnik award symposium tomorrow in the Philadelphia Convention Centre. We intend that this is inclusive and so will be running a twitterfall or similar so we can keep in touch with each other and also with the outside world. We also shall have some external presentations (at least 2 and maybe 4 – we shan’t know till tomorrow). We also have 2 demo sessions.

Therefore the primary coordination will be twitter on #skolnik2012. All internal audience will have wi-fi access (we are assured).

The plan is the following:

  • There is unlikely to be time for questions within the speaker’s 15 minutes (Henry and I get a huge 20 mins!). Handovers will be rapid and slick.
  • If you have in the internal or external audience a question or discussion point tweet it during or after the speaker.
  • We (or the speaker) will try to announce each speaker on the Tweet stream
  • If you are a speaker, use Twitter to answer your questions after your presentation.
  • Speakers may wish to post URLs on Twitter rather than expecting people to copy them.
  • There won’t be a video or audio stream so audience please comment on what is happening.
  • The chair will be RUTHLESS and switch you off when your time is up.

Speakers have been asked to keep the changeovers quick – so no need to spend time on lengthy anecdotes, etc.

[I haven’t yet decided what to say, so I’ll post that tomorrow.]

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