Europeans: Urge your MEPs to vote against ACTA. It’s easy!

It’s essential that we defeat ACTA. It’s not just about copyright but fundamental rights of individuals.

It takes a few minutes using

Here’s what I wrote:


                                                  Monday 2 July 2012

Dear Andrew Duff, David Campbell Bannerman, Stuart Agnew, Vicky Ford,
Robert Sturdy, Geoffrey Van Orden and Richard Howitt,

Dear Cambridge MEPs

I would urge you very strongly to vote against ACTA next week.

A very good analysis is given by Glyn Moody
My added view is that defeating  ACTA  will be seen as similar to Magna
Carta, the Rights of Man, trial by jury and many other places where
Britain has pioneered reform of democracy and the rights of

If ACTA passes we are condemned to a century of digital darkness which
will spill over into many other aspects of our everyday life.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Peter Murray-Rust



Immediate support from UKIP:

Dear Dr Murray-Rust

Thank you for your recent email, addressed to Stuart Agnew MEP.  I am
replying on his behalf.

Mr Agnew is a member of the UK Independence Party.  We are strongly opposed
to ACTA and the EU taking control of intellectual property rights and have
been for some time.

Please rest assured that we will continue to oppose it.

Best wishes,

Stuart Gulleford
Political Advisor to Stuart Agnew MEP

UK Independence Party
145 New London Road
Tel: 01245 266466
Fax: 01245 252071


PMR: This is democracy in action. Thanks UKIP! (There is a possible implication that they would support the UK taking control of our democratic rights, but we’ll face that when we come to it!)

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2 Responses to Europeans: Urge your MEPs to vote against ACTA. It’s easy!

  1. Mark says:

    Great information, I will be writing to them also. ACTA really would be a step backwards (or a few). Websites such as wikipedia would be held accountable for the information that others enter for example, not to mention commenting on blogs! This could cause huge problems for the internet as we know it. It goes beyond the ‘headline’ restrictions.

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