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Open Content Mining: Richard Poynder blogs our progress so far, and I summarise my current impasse with publishers

A few weeks ago a group of us felt it was critical to put together a Manifesto for Open Content Mining. We wanted people who understood the issues, were clear thinkers, balanced outlook and committed to making solid, rapid progress. … Continue reading

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#springergate: I try to explain SpringerImages and my continuing concern.

I have been undertaking a slightly systematic analysis of what SpringerImages is. 2 days ago I was contacted by Springer(BK) in a phone conversation [1]. Note: I shall simply record the initials of the person that spoke or wrote to … Continue reading

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#springergate: SpringerImages for today

Here are 5 images from SpringerImages to give an idea of the breadth of coverage. Note that none of these are “scientific” – graphs, etc. All are copyrighted by Springer (in some form). I do not believe any of the … Continue reading

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#springergate: SpringerImages should be closed down until they mend it.

Five days ago I wrote to Springer about violations of copyright on their site, SpringerImages. Since then I have documented everything on this blog and those who want to know more details can read recent blogs. I have made it … Continue reading

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Reply from and to Springer

Springer have given an answer to some of my questions – I interleave my comments   SpringerOpen 5:26 PM (edited)  –  Public Springer Statement on Springer Images5 June 2012 >>We have contacted Peter Murray-Rust, a blogger, to discuss Springer Images.  … Continue reading

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#springergate: update from Bettina Goerner and some “explanations”. I urge that scientific images should be FREE – as in speech – for everyone.

I have been contacted by Bettina Goerner, Springer Science+Business Media, Manager Open Access who rang me to discuss Springer’s position and explanation. We agreed that everything she and I said was on the record. I said that I would prefer … Continue reading

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Springergate: Systematic “copyglitch” appropriation of Wikimedia content

I have communicated with Wikip(m)edia over the apparent systematic relicensing and relabeling of their content into “SpringerImages”. It’s fair to say that the individuals I have heard from are seriously upset. The action is clearly a breach of copyright and … Continue reading

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Springergate: rebadging and reselling Wiley content

I am randomly browsing through SpringerImages ( which offer images for sale for commercial purposes. I have no idea what is in there (and some of it is VERY badly indexed – images which relate to “in the same article” … Continue reading

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Springer badges more “Springer Images” – this time from PLoS. It looks like systematic rebadging/copyrighting of global Open material.

Here’s another “technical bug” from Springer. Rebadging of PLoS content as “Springer Images”, under CC-NC and for re-sale. said: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” There are too many different sources to assume … Continue reading

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Springer asserts copyright over Wikimedia/Wikipedia content. Technical incompetence or mass copytheft?

In my last post I described how Springer Images had taken all my CC-BY image content from J. Cheminformatics and relabelled it as THEIR content and forbidden commercial re-use except under Springer terms. Springer and BMC say this was a … Continue reading

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