Open Infrastructure for Open Science/Data; and Academic Spring


I am presenting this afternoon in Rome to an important group of science-oriented people/organizations – about 70 people will be there. As always I try to talk to people before the presentation. I’ve got 20 minutes, and I want to get across both ideas and examples. So I can’t do it all. This is my “checklist” for things I think are important. (Almost all my “slides” are scraped from the web and I will publish the links shortly in a separate blog).

  • Most science research/data is never properly published or used => Bad science, duplication
  • This costs/loses 100 Billion+ per year; so HUGE opportunities for new business/products. Europe or Silicon Valley??
  • The long-tail of science; scholarship OUTSIDE academia?
  • Conventional publication does not work for data
  • Diversity. No single solution. Communities of scholarship. HEP, Astronomy, Chemistry
  • Domain repositories essential; Inst Repos don’t work for science
  • OPEN. Must be BOAI-compliant: use CC-BY/CC0
  • Are universities the solution or the problem?
  • Sustainability. Funders and National Laboratories
  • Mandates are poor instruments; Culture must change. Rewards?
  • Create an author-centric culture/technology. Semantic documents. “ScienceForge”
  • Sustainability. Alliance with wealth-generation industries?
  • Text-mining
  • Theses. Must become centralised semantic, Europe?? NL++, UK–
  • Demos: text-mining, repositories
  • Growing points:
    • Open (Web) Technology continues to advance
    • Linked Open Data / Semantic Web
    • Graduate students
    • Scholarly poor
    • Wikip(m)edia
    • Open Knowledge Foundation
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