Horizon2020 what I said in Rome (and what Neelie said)

I always try to blog what I said in meetings as I don’t (can’t) use traditional slides. Today I scraped slides off the web and my talk was significantly different from what I had prepared. This was in considerable part because of what had been said in the morning by, among others, Neelie Kroes (Deputy European commissioner) and Geoffrey Boulton (Royal Society). They anticipated many of my concerns (previous blog post) and I could simply praise them for it. Neelie Kroes was veyer impressive. She knew the field very well and was clearly fundamentally committed to making it happen. Europe can feel proud of her.

I was able to aks her a question – shouldn’t we be supporting young people and how can we get them to contribute to European wealth creation. Why no Euro Google/facebook, etc.? She was very excited and recounted how she’d been to a young person’s hacker camp (? In Spain) with ?thousands camping in tents. And how when she asked a 14-year old “aren’t you afraid of giving away information” – he said “you don’t get it, it’s about sharing”. We exchanged cards and I’m hoping that I can get some of the young people in the OKF involved.

I’d love to blog other aspects of the meeting – don’t even know whether it’s being tweeted

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