PMR Symposium Hackfest and Blue Obelisks

#pmrsymp #blueobelisk #pmrhack

Wonderful three days. Lots on twitterfall – just follow the hastages. Hackfest achieved a breakthrough with:

  • Dave M-R’s Spook Molecules in Cambridge (many people in the audience were able to see them)
  • Ami – intelligent fumecupboard
  • Kinect molecules – sensational – againd ca. 6 people involved in this hack. Gesturing to molecules to rotate them and change bonds!

PMRSymp was run literarally to the minute – as planned. Real-life talks, recording, skype twitter – everything. Ca 15 people involved in rapid presentations. Spkndid main talks. More later

Three blue Obelisks. Henry Rzepa, Dan Zaharevitz, Sam Adams. Also Jim Downing who got one last summer and I forgot to blog it.


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4 Responses to PMR Symposium Hackfest and Blue Obelisks

  1. Thanx to all who were involved in the organization of the #pmrsymp and #pmrhack! I rather attended IRL, but the virtual equivalent was very good indeed! The last streamed talk I actually followed on a bus from Stockholm to Uppsala!
    And congrats to Dan, Henry, Sam, and Jim for their award!

  2. Peter, do you remember when and where you awarded Jim the Blue Obelisk?

  3. Dan Zaharevitz says:

    It was not only very exciting but was a tremendous amount of fun. Had a good day after with the programmers and a lot of good things on the way. I can speak into my phone and get a structure! Now I want to speak into y phone an get a mean graph.

  4. Charlotte Bolton says:

    @Egon – Jim’s Blue Obelisk was awarded at a garden party at PMR’s house on May 23rd 2010, on the occasion of his leaving the group. Lezan Hawizy has a photo…

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