#solo10 GreenChainReaction first results and comments

Scraped/typed into Arcturus

The first results are Live!

For 11 years (2000-2010) we have a list of the aggregated frequency of solvents. YOU can start to decide on the greenness – no code needs to be run.



  • There are some years where there are not much data. Volunteers should try to run the code over these to increase them
  • Mixtures (“ethanolwater”) are not properly parsed. We will fix this (but not before tomorrow).
  • Sometimes a solvent occurs twice (“DMF” and “dimethylformamide”). I shall try to normalize this today.
  • I shall try to normalize all of these against Wikipedia during the day and come up with images of structure


But all in all I am very pleased and very grateful to everyone who has helped. More to come.














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2 Responses to #solo10 GreenChainReaction first results and comments

  1. Bob Belford says:

    Wow, what you folks are doing is amazing. I have a question. If your question is: “Is chemistry getting greener?” (over the past 11 years), then I’d like to know about on the metrics of answering that question once you acquire your data. Is there a discussion on this which I have missed? I see you have Bob Hanson’s Green Chemistry Assistant on board, but doesn’t that mostly measure process efficiencies through metrics like atom economy, e-factors….? And it does not seem like your data would provide that type of information (you would need quantities and yields). Hope you folks don’t mind my chirping in here, but this is really exciting work.

  2. Mat Todd says:

    Bob – it was a basic assessment of the green-ness of solvents only, so no E factors etc. There was a discussion on the etherpad here: http://okfnpad.org/soloSession as the session was happening.

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