Chem4Word demo

Rudy Potenzone (MS) and I spent a long breakfast (or pre-breakfast) preparing the demo of Chem4Word which gets show in ca. 30 mins (by me, with Rudy on hand as it’s on his machine). We’ve both done demos before my first was ca 1978 (more later, perhaps) but common in the mid-90’s when I was selling (a little) into pharma. Rudy’s been in many companies and orgs CAS, MDL, Polygen (Accelrys), and now MSR where he heads up the industry liaison in the chemistry. We’re excited about the potential of C4W and I have to organize my brain to make sure I remember my lines.

The demo has been planned for a month and there are 35+ separate operations to show. I have a crib sheet as it’s easy to forget what to show not how to show it, but what and when.

Next post might tell you how it went. And perhaps some screen shots…

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