Have landed in Melbourne for a 3-4 week tour of several eastern places.By chance attended a Fedora meeting at the Monash Conference suite at Andrew Treloar’s invitation. Overwhelmed by the feeling of welcome. FWIW I visit Peter Sefton next week where we hope to hack some ICE, then to Margaret Henty’s meeting on Open Access, then a day visiting UQ to look at ORE things (Jane Hunter and Kwok Cheung) – they are the first group to implement ORE. After that to Canberra to meet Alison Edwards – crystallography – , and also colleagues from geosciences. Then to Adelaide (Philip Lock, to explore new ideas in chemistry and informatics) and return to Monash to talk about repositories in various aspects.
This is a great place.
I have just been told that Australia is a “remarkably efficient filter to get rid of grumpy bastards”.
Also got my first view of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). A place of homage.
Maybe I won’t use my return ticket…

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  1. Yep, all the grumpy Australians ended up moving to the UK πŸ™‚

  2. Black Knight says:

    ‘ICE’ is a much-overloaded acronym.
    And I see you’re avoiding Sydney. Well, be like that then. See if I care.

  3. Mat Todd says:

    I know, what’s up with that? Sydney-Melbourne is only a 14-hour drive.

  4. pm286 says:

    2,3 I shall be in Sydney 22 Friday and meeting people in town.mail if you want to meet up – nothing yet settled.

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